Monday, June 7, 2010

Senior Final Exam

Q: Write an essay that describes how a scientist would use the scientific method to analyze the cause of a disease.

A: first the scientists, we’ll call him Marty, not saying that all scientists are men but I read about him he is a very good scientist, he will make an observation to make sure everyone with the disease is not just made… oh no his wife has the disease now its personal. Marty will probably break into the science lab he works at to test his experiment because now he has a big problem. He hears cops and just before they break in the last test tube comes up positive. Marty records his data he doesn’t have time to send it out to be tested, not this time. Marty goes home, he is obviously not a full time criminal because he wasn’t expecting the cops. They arrest him. He asks a female cop to take the test tube to his wife. And that’s how it ends I guess we’ll never know how Marty’s wife is doing but in conclusion Marty is doing 20 to life for breaking and entering.

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