Friday, April 16, 2010

i dont even know how to title this!

Assignment: using the geologic time line, write an essay that describes the history of life on Earth.

student: do i have to do this?
me: yes.
student: but i dont believe in this. it's just a theory, it isnt true.
me: its not a theory, we have fossils. we win.
student: no you dont win.
me: yes, i win. *walks away*

(mind you, we arent talking about evolution here, just the order of events in how creatures started showing up on Earth. Evolution comes up next week. i cant wait!)

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  1. I think the best way to handle this when evolution comes up and they try that tired old "IT'S JUST A THEORY!" is to point out that gravity is also "just a theory," and they can either spend the period floating around the classroom (but only if they can do it without touching *anything*), or sit down and learn some actual science.